2019 Summary

If you recall my last blog finished with a mention of breaking rules but in an informed way. At the last session of the SaveAs Writers monthly meeting, I read out my sonnet Seen Through a Prism of People. This was an example of a new form of sonnet that I have devised with a distinctive rhyme structure and orphaned lines, the other example being the poem The Arrow of Time [Cannon’s Mouth, Issue 71, March 2019, ISSN-1745-6630]. The applause from twenty or more poets showed it was well received. So, I’ll also be submitting this to several magazines for consideration.

In the audience were several Canterbury Laureates, Derek Sellen and author of The Other Guernica (Cultured Llama Publishing)) and Gillian Laker. And also, Sue Rose, who was the headline artist for the evening and who read out a selection of poems from her latest collection: The Cost of Keys [Cinnamon Press, ISBN-978-1-909077-43-0]. This collection includes a notable set of sonnets called the Heart Archives. I’ll cover more of forms in next year’s blogs.

Over the last year, you have read about the why, where, when and how of sonnet-writing; and bringing them to life in oration. Metaphors and golden means were addressed. Next year, I will cover more of the varied aspects of sonnets, such as sound patterns, forms, first and last lines. All part of the pleasures of reading and writing sonnets.







© Copyright Clifford Liles, December 2019

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