The Thin Veneer by Clifford Liles

Dempsey & Windle

ISBN 978-1-913329-81-5

The Thin Veneer

The Thin Veneer is a distinctive poetry collection that explores themes such as the fragility of our existence and relationships, the power of nature, the impact of technology, and the climate breakdown using traditional poetic forms.

It will be available either from these pages, Dempsey & Windle or Amazon.

Scheduled for publication on

1st July 2022.

The Thin Veneer by Clifford Liles displays his love for the sonnet and his expertise in writing it. Ingenious innovation and the use of half-rhymes, enjambment and allusion make sure that his use of the form never becomes stale. The poems address contemporary topics such as marriage breakdown, street protests, a coup d’état, dance-floor jealousy and homelessness, proving that the sonnet is as able to address our concerns now as it was to address those of Shakespeare’s or Petrarch’s time”.

Derek Sellen, Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2018, author of The Other Guernica (Cultured Llama Publishing)

 The Other Guernica: Poems Inspired by Spanish Art – Cultured Llama